2014 Silver Winner, Graphis Design Annual and 2013 GOOD DESIGN Award, Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance

2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, NASCAR Hall of Fame

2009 Best International Project, Museums & Heritage Awards; 2009 Honor Award, SEGD; Gold Winner, 2008 Event Design Awards, Event Design Magazine; Best Museum Environment, Newseum

Applied Arts Awards Annual 2005/2006; Environmental Design, Clinton Presidential Library; 2005 Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA), Industrial Designers Society of American Museum Exhibits & Set Design, Clinton Presidential Library

Outstanding Achievement Museum, 15th Annual THEA Award, Newseum

2005 Seven ADC Awards



Logo Lounge 2, Rockport Publishers (Critics Choice)

Logo a Lot, by BNN Publishers

Graphic Design: From Concept to Form, by Scott Santoro

Logo Lounge Master Library Volume 3, Rockport Publishers

The Shape of Things, New York Times