I create award-winning experiences
at the intersection of community, culture, & commerce.


Matthew McNerney is an internationally award-winning designer who develops experiences that transform how guests connect with brands through immersive environments and digital interaction. His work helps build community, foster empathy, and nurture brand loyalty through play and storytelling. His designs are experienced by more than four million visitors annually in seven languages.

As Executive Director of Eight Inc. NY, Matthew leads our New York studio’s communications team. He promotes collaboration while cultivating space for team members to influence projects from any direction. His fluid role covers business development to strategy, and touches everything from architecture to programming.

His clients include Tiffany & Co, LEGO, Alicia Keys, The New York Giants, NYU Langone, NASCAR, and dozens of cultural institutions, including the Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas, the Newseum in Washington, DC, the Russian Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center in Moscow, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, and other cultural and not-for-profit institutions. His work spans physical environments, consumer research, and digital interaction, to develop strategic solutions that are purpose-built, content- and client-specific.

He is a frequent public speaker at national conferences, including the MayoClinic, SEGD (The Society of Experiential Graphic Design),  GlobalShop, and at the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and a frequent guest lecturer at Pratt Institute (his alma mater) and Seton Hall University.

Matthew has previously led teams at Potion and Ralph Appelbaum Associates. Matthew brings a voracious curiosity to all of his designs. He chases the impossible and the unknown—from trapeze to neuroscience—and is fueled by his ambitious cooking experiments.

Matthew McNerney

Matthew McNerney

Speaking at GlobalShop 2019, Chicago

Speaking at GlobalShop 2019, Chicago

Speaking at the  Mayo Clinic Conference , Minnesota

Speaking at the Mayo Clinic Conference, Minnesota


NYU Langone Health: 2019 Society of Experiential Graphic Design, Honor Award

Cleveland Museum of Art: 2018 Communication Arts, Award of Excellence, ArtLens Gallery; 2018 Apex Awards; 2018 Media Technology Muse Awards Silver

The LEGO House: 2018, Danish Design Awards, The LEGO House; 2018, Themed Environment Award, The LEGO House, Outstanding Achievement

Museum of Jewish History and Tolerance: Industrial Designers Society of America, Industrial Design Excellence Award, Finalist; Graphis, Design Annual 2014 Award: Exhibit, Gold; The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, GOOD Design Awards: Environment Award; The Art Newspaper Russia, Museum of the Year

NASCAR Hall of Fame: Creativity International Awards, Honorable Mention, Environmental Graphics; Event Design Awards, Silver Winner, Best Museum Environment, 2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Newseum: Museums + Heritage Award, Best International Project; Mid-Atlantic Construction Best of 2008, Cultural Project of the Year; American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), 2008 Diamond Award to RAA's consultant LERA; Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Honor Award; 15th Annual THEA Award, Outstanding Achievement: Museum; Design Award, Federal Republic of Germany, Nomination; Event Design Awards, Gold Winner, Best Museum Environment; Industrial Designers Society of America, Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award for Museum Exhibits and Set Design; I.D. Annual Design Review, Honorable Mention Award for Environment;

Clinton Presidential Library: Applied Arts Awards Annual 2005/2006; Environmental Design; 2005 Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA), Industrial Designers Society of American Museum Exhibits & Set Design

2005 Seven ADC Awards



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Logo a Lot, by BNN Publishers

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